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About Trio Environmental Solutions

Trio Environmental Solutions started in 2007 with just one truck, one trailer and two employees. Since then, our company has grown to a fleet of six trucks, six trailers and six full-time crews to man them.

In our first year, Trio did less than 100,000 carts, but as our company has grown, so did the demand for our services. By 2012, we placed more than 300,000 carts at the curbside of homes in dozens of cities for manufacturers, municipalities and haulers.

As our slogan “Satisfaction Delivered” suggests, Trio is focused on customer satisfaction. That means we work hand-in-hand with the client to ensure that their rollout job is completed on-time and on-budget. Our strategies ensure not only efficiency, but also accuracy.

No matter the size of your municipal waste deployment project, Trio is equal to the task. We’ve delivered as few as 1,000 carts or as many as 202,000, in a single job.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.  Read what some of our clients have said about Trio.

Trio was nothing but professional, respectful and diligent in their communication with county staff and any public they encountered.

Dawn Adams

Frederick Co. Dept. of Solid Waste Management

Trio was able to negotiate commuter traffic, heat, rain and publishing challenges to deliver 200,562 carts.

Jeanmarie Massa

Miami-Dade Co. Dept. of Solid Waste Management

Overall, the car delivery service provided by Trio was outstanding. From the first cart to the 200,562nd cart, their personnel, equipment, expertise and attitude were first rate.

Kathleen Woods Richardson

Miami-Dade Co. Dept. of Solid Waste Management

Overcoming challenges is what Trio does best.

Chris Rose

Miami-Dade Co. Dept. of Solid Waste Management

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